Tuesday, October 29

Warren Buffett One of the most interesting collection of articles on the GOD of STOCK-PICKING. And he's been right ten times out of ten. That's against all the laws of average. Will he trip the eleventh time

Monday, October 28

China this year is going to attract more FDI than the US. It's being now compared to a "black hole sucking manufacturing" and a "Taiwan but on a 50 scale". . And the formula for success is in its people...they have the "fire in their belly". And the article speaks on all things that China has done and India hasn't

Sunday, October 27

It's the new kid on the bloc. Very soon, it should be part of the IMF showcase on economic reforms and open markets. The article indeed gives a good idea about how fast the country is changing. Romania.

Saturday, October 26

Met a very dear friend on msn. Haven't met him for a long time and had a lot to talk, specially on the golden moments since marriage. And boy, he has changed so much. He drove me crazy with his description of his experiences since marriage. He is smart with a great sense of humor, but just falls short of her. And finds that with the change in his appearence(obviously suggested by her), he has been getting more glances than ever.

Did a lot of shopping today - watches, perfumes, clothes and am all set to fly home next weekend.
and finally here's the no brainer....i never knew about PDAs also stand for 'Public display of Affection'. And as mumbai starts going the Hongkong way, the police is getting ready to stop PDA. HaHa

Friday, October 25

Just looking at all my spam emails make me wonder, how big the business of selling personal databases is? But then thats the price i pay for using a free account. Just summarising the spams i got over the last week
Lose 50 lbs in 10 days My weight is apprx. 140 lbs.
Get a second mortgage on that home. Home!! I live in a rented bunker.
Pre approved unlimited credit card/ Loans upto $50,000. Not once they get my bank balance details
Double your life insurance at no extra cost. Then what marry and poison me
A new Social Security Number. It will take another 500 years for my countrymen to have one
Hmmm...now the stupid ones
“Sexy teens XXX!!!!!”
“College Girls LIVE!!!!!”
“Largest collection of Celebrity Nudes!!!!”
Obviously, I've clicked on all these links. They are free!! But only upto the main page. Thank my wisdom, i dont have a credit card. The one i got at my B-school was returned as soon as i graduated.
Have a good weekend. Next weekend i am home for DIWALI!! yippee

Wednesday, October 23

Is Disinterested anyway different to Uninterested. Not if u read thisMatthew Yglesias. wow!!
NRI - Sending money to India: Tax Implication Sending money to India: Tax implications
The GE-Honeywell merger was blocked by the EU commission last year. Now an European Court has questioned the commission's very competence to make such decisions. Jack Welch would be happy !!

Ok this is news to me. Best Finance website for 2001, Egg.com. Who decided Yell.com
Com'on give me a break. Otherwise these pages will declare this blog as the best blog for 2002.

Tuesday, October 22

Read an article on capital efficiency by Tom Copeland . What a state of my mind that i had to read it twice to get a grip on the topic.
Liar's poker was a craze on my IIMB campus. You had to read it if you were applying for i-banking(and all do!!). Read a similar satire on Asian investment banking. It's definitely humorous but at times appears to be exaggerating. First 6 chapters are free online
Now i will go and pump some iron in the gym. Even though my body doesn't show any improvement, it's a good time-pass. I like the music they play.

Monday, October 21

Over the weekend saw Mongkok...People, people and people. It was crazy. And everywhere there are the same shops...seemed to be just another crude version of causeway bay. But cudn't see people buying expensive, designer goods. Most of them were window shopping. I did my customary $100 worth of shopping.
Read this on the different types of Indian airline travellers to the US or for that matter any Western country. Definitely humorous
Again a stupid day@office ... now getting used to it...what do they reach at, dont know ? and will never know ?
Finally the day ended on a bright note....Hey got to chat with an old campus friend. And got an email from my chote bahisahab. Ah, And he even did some shayari.
Jab dosti ki dastaan waqt sunayega, humko bhi koi shaks yaad aayega,
bhool jaayenge zindagi ke gamon ko, jab aapke saath guzra waqt yaad aayega.

Jaisa aap kahen, Deevik Bhai jaan!!

Saturday, October 19

Ha..finally friday got over...yesterday it seemed it might just never end....work, more work and still more work..and dont even know whats it for ...something which i have never believed in doing..and so it becomes difficult to focus or concentrate. But it was my first day in this job when i really felt strained. The number crunching atleast was good for the brains ..shook them out of lethargy. Am going today to the most densely populated district in the world..No its not India but right here in Hongkok. It's called Mongkok.
Saw a very creatively designed set of websites called mysticgal. Very Impressive!!

Wednesday, October 16

Point well made !!
During the 1972 Olympics at Munich, Germany, Palestinian terrorists stormed the athletes' quarters and took several Israelis hostage. Israel refused to negotiate and, in a botched rescue attempt, all the Israeli hostages were killed. When the then Israeli ambassador was asked about the tragic loss, he replied, "In the war against terrorism, all Israeli citizens are soldiers and like soldiers they know that they may die! If we give in to the terrorists once, the hijackings and hostage taking will only increase. We will not negotiate with the terrorists." ........from rediff
How i hope, we can take the same stance :-(

Thursday, October 10

Superb...it makes you laugh crazy ...and hey it happened with me so many times. That is what i call, really creative.
and the only GOD on earth is celebrating his 60th birthday AB
TO update me on the latest Indian TV commercials, my friend's website has this link...quite nostalgic!!

Wednesday, October 9

My moments with frustration well i shudnt be calling them moments.....it has been with me all thru the past few days...but the fact is, whom do i cry to........it is something i know i can't change.....they didnt teach me this in my MBA or CA...just crib....what ELSE ?

Tuesday, October 8

One of my friends email me with his latest philosophy

Hope is the rope of life

Well said, Shalabh
kat rahi hai aur kaata raha hoon......this is the state of affairs :-(
Nothing much to do...passing lunch time as usual...reading on the net about the dreammerchants. Now i also know how to spend a million Link . But alas, even i dont earn half of that!! My OB prof at IIMB used to say, "Hum honge kamayab ek din, lekin kaunsa din aur kaise yeh nahin pata?".

Sunday, October 6

Bought a Canon digital camera yesterday from Broadway. Specially liked the Stitch function wherby i can stitch together 2 photos taken together at different times into One. Allows me to also record moving images with audio. This website was really helpful http://www.whatsthebest.net/camera/.
Otherwise not a very exciting weekend, but indeed gives me a lot of time to introspect and learn.
What boring lunches..miss the idlis and paw bhajis.
Read Economist articles on "Immigrants from Developing countries - Who loses?". Quite interesting. Also their article on the Future based on past trends is worth reading, even though it's very long.
I had heard of spinning the ball 'Baaji' style. Now Spinning comes from the 'Sechs' firm Goldman Sachs. What more to come. and are the wall street regulators serious. They are talking about spinning off research departments of investment banks into independent companies or restructuring them as separate subsidiaries!! Then what would be the revenue model for these pure 'research' firms ??