Thursday, November 28

This email again made me campus-sick.....i dont know whether i will ever get out of that mould.....
The image for the outer world is that IIMs play host to all sharp minds with high IQ levels who don't enjoy Life. Though this might well be true and the fact was that Life inside the campus was really a tough grind and there was indeed a lot of hard work ...especially in the mess in biting the chappatis but that did not mean that we did not have a life otherwise. The campus did bring out what was the best in a person. Of course not all were happy with what they got but there is no socialism in these matters.
In fact Life did not have us. We were larger than Life...well at least that's what we thought. We were at the top of the world and were there for two years till the world dropped us off. Life of course went on even after but everyone of us took a piece of those hundred acres with ourselves. Most of the guys who walked those chequered brickpaths walked them out wanting to become the masters of universes. Time.. that great judge ..duly announced the verdict anyway. Whatever the verdict, we knew we had the best lawyer. I still remember each and every minute spent on that campus. It is difficult not to. Those wild days, the even wilder nights and the perfectly tame grade sheets. Sometimes I think, in life the only things worth treasuring are your memories because only they are permanent. Everything else is not.

Wednesday, November 27

With massive layoffs in the banking and consulting sector, people are now pointing at the brighter side of life in traditional jobs - 50 hr weeks, family life etc.(nobody talks of the differential pay). This article also talks of the all the good things which one enjoys when not in banking. But there is a problem there too. Having worked 80 hr weeks, it then gets difficult to adjust to a 40 hr week. I haven't been in any of these glamorous sectors(why is another story) but have worked quite long hours earlier. And now, with 40 hr weeks i get simply bored in the remaining hrs. Wud love to get back to those 80 hr non-stop work schedules. Alas!!
My boss doesnt read this blog:-)

Saturday, November 23

Saturday..chutthi day. Me getting bored, so needing entertainment. Laloo providing lots of it..with his hinglish. Chk it out. Now you know what happened to me after reading this. I stared for an hour on my orange juice container marked with 'Soft Drink Concentrate' 'Capacity 500 ml' and wondered where in the world is 'capacity' located. Any ideas or me gone mad with boredom!!

Friday, November 22

After pricing swaps, futures, stocks in B-school, i thought i knew all. But how about pricing your kid? Here's the A2Z price formulation for a Indian middle-class baby. Well, with the economy down in the dumps and all their previous stock-tips falling flat, i think the business magazines have nothing else to write on these days. But i disagree with the word "Middle-class". Those costs seem to be very Uuuuuupper-class.

Thursday, November 21

I am BACK!! Sorry for not having posted just too caught up in the BUSINESS of LIFE in HK.
After seeing excess supplies in all markets, finally US has a market where demand exceeds supply far more than could be quantified - The Market For VIRTUE. And the article(subscription required) points at Rudy Guiliani as one of the A-grade guys for this market.
Dividends will be soon back into fashion. And companies like MS, Cisco and Dell will soon be forced into paying dividends. The reason: reduced growth prospects. Quite a change, after the 90's mad-rush for growth. Article

Friday, November 1

yipeee!! I am going home…for 203 hrs, I will be with my family.....yo…it’s a much deserved break and i have been waiting for the whole of last month...I want to relish each moment of it..alas I will spend 64 hrs just I wish we wudn't need to sleep when we wished… my colleagues tell me "u wont feel like boarding the flight back to hongkong" and i cant agree more. hmmm..i have been home earlier too with 3/4 mnth breaks and this time too, its after 4 mnths. But i have never felt so senti b4? and i promise myself...i am not spending anytime on the net. period.
A very Happy Diwali!!