Wednesday, February 26

Ek tha Bhuvan Lagaan mein
Dusra hai Nehra, Durban mein...and this one is a clear Oscar winner.
India vs. England. Traditional foes. Political history. Lagaan. Natwest Trophy shocker. Anderson. Tendulkar. Bare chests. Lord’s. A billion people. David Beckham. Shah Rukh Khan. Guy Ritchie. Devdas. James Bond. Nehra. Check out the image gallery at cricnext. Some of the best photographs of the Indian players over the years, in B&W.

Tuesday, February 25

They may be wet, even a bit briny, and it might be hard to find a matching pair, but you won't find Nike Inc. shoes cheaper anywhere. Nike shoes. It's true except that I need to take the transpac flight to get them.

Monday, February 24

Interesting article on, how India could potentially be exporting deflation for the World's Pharma industry. And why not...aren't we the best brains in the World? India's Little Drugmakers

Question - When can I buy this? Vertu
Answer - Lemme Think !!.................possibly never :-(

Sunday, February 16

I just couldn't resist putting this article on my blog. Simply amazing. Beaten black and blue

Monday, February 10

No more Blogs for the next 20 days. I am not getting lazy, and neither am I taking a sabbatical. It's just the job pressure in office. I will blog again in March, if i am still ALIVE.

Till then, have Hapi daze with Dilbert andOffthemark

Friday, February 7

Japanese are simply irresistible...the perfect hosts. Japan's also a time and game crazy nation. Everything moves second-by-second. Yeah it is also a very expensive place with a 20-minute taxi ride driving a 5000-yen hole in my pocket.
Akhibara Electric City is an amazing experience. Entire floors dedicated to laptops or cameras did make quite a view. After strolling around for 2 hours, I couldn't help falling for a cute digital camera. The walk down Ginza with its shopping malls and restaurants was indeed thrilling. The Sony building has more gadgets than one can ever imagine. I never knew the local food had so many vegetarian dishes. The restaurant was set in a typical Japanese-village setting, complete with all hi-tech gadgets one can think of. And good lord, Sake tastes better than any beer. Palette Town with its gaming centers, virtual sci-fi car rides and the huge wheel are something to remember for life. My sci-fi ride took me right down to the sea-bed with its whales and octopuses...and yes, the light snow-fall was just the perfect farewell I had dreamt. Oh yeah, Japanese women are very charming(cheeky too), welcoming and forthcoming(?;-), look pretty intelligent (a few sounded too) and thank God - not the HK skinny types.