Thursday, March 27

Its been almost 5 months since i have been home. Hong kong really seems to be getting more boring than ever (other than Saturday evenings). These days, i have even lost my appetite (for food). Possibly i have lost the art of cooking good food. Its becoming more and more bland. And I am longing to meet my folks back home. Aren't these enough reasons to go home for a week, and regain the energy and freshness necessary to survive life in Hong Kong?
Then why are my friends getting suspicious and questioning the purpose of my visit. Everybody's saying "so soon" "kya baat hai". Com'on most of you are staying with your folks and living such an easy life.
So I am off to blogging, no cooking, no trying to cook till then. By the way, saw some great websites for the upcoming April Fools' day. April-Fool and Prankbot courtesy Economic Times
This is indeed the Internet War. The best Weblog on the Iraq war among the few i have been to so far is The Command Post. Their motto is really interesting, "Making CNN look like the school newspaper." Even there are some Weblogs dearraed claimed to be maintained by bloggers supposedly in Baghdad and a few by US marines from their camps.

Tuesday, March 25

Its just not Maharashtra and other Indian states. A lot of European cities are also having problems managing their deficits. But the intersting thing is, unlike just raising money by borrowing more, they are finding out interesting ways of financing themselves. I really found the German way of financing out of the US taxpayer's pocket quite interesting. Europe's Stricken Cities Europe's Stricken Cities

Monday, March 24

With not much to do during lunch time ( you cant eat the vegetable masala food at Great daily, and McD sucks, and Pizzahut takes too long to serve), I was browsing some of the Indian weblogs. And this Wedding invitation on one of the very well maintaned blogs caught my attention. Don't miss it!!
And more interesting stuff from the mango man. This guy is really creative. Nice reviews on Bollywood. Where does he get his inspiration from? Is it the mango girl ;-)

Thursday, March 20

My biggest confusion, these days - where to invest? Recent studies ( Economist Investment)show that the equity risk premium, long estimated in the over-5% range could be as less as 2.4%. In that case, why bother to invest in equities?
I was waiting for this ever since the WC started. Two Indian fast bowlers in the World XI really delights me. World Cup Team

Wednesday, March 19

Sony knows the way to the heart of the consumer. I really liked the way they are planning for the future. Economist on Sony .
Their annual report is a must read for every investor. 2002 Report
I did make it a point to go the Sony building in Central Tokyo and it was every minute worth it.
Also check out their (guess, so) Mission Statement Dreams
And to build on my dream, I tried the SonyStyle Homeconfiguration. Amazing but i don't have the money to do it!! too sad :-(

Tuesday, March 18

For the astute number cruncher......Left is right to lift World Cup trophy

Wednesday, March 12

The way the author has put it, it's amazing
As for Tendulkar, what can one say? Which eulogy has been left out that might be employed here? Let's skip the gushing and just whisper, on bended knees, thank you, God, for making him Indian!
Neways, I never knew Nostradamus' liking for cricket, as it seems with a current email doing the rounds. Over to Nostradamus....
The prince shall have one foot tied. Fearsome to his enemies, he shall make his sail rebound. Having joined battle with people of Africa, Moon shining, the little great one led off. The stone in the tree, the proud nation restored
THE PRINCE  - Prince of Calcutta ,as Sourav Ganguly is popularly known
SHALL HAVE ONE FOOT TIED - We all know that Sourav hardly moves his feet while batting
FEARSOME TO HIS ENEMIES – Ganguly is feared by most opposition captains
HAVING JOINED BATTLEWITH PEOPLE OF AFRICA- India is now backed by the South Africans           
MOON SHINING THE LITTLE GREAT ONE LED OFF - the little great one (Sachin) will lead Indiato victory.
THE STONE IN THE TREE – that is the structure and shape of the World Cup 2003
THE PROUD NATION RESTORED - India reaching the proud status of World Champions.

Tuesday, March 11

The PSU way Quite interesting, as to what happens when a company turns from Privately-owned to a PSU owned. Should I, a shareholder in this company be changing too? I guess its time!!

Friday, March 7

This part of cricket is missed here in Hong Kong True Lies However even if we had it, instead of the wife in the story, my office would have been the culprit. Offfice work is still killing....the work never ends, day in and night out. Pray for me guys, Pleazzzzz. This Q&A is also interesting