Tuesday, April 29

Marvellous!! It reminded me of each and every moment spent in IIMB. Made me go campus-sick and really wanting to go back to School. Ha!! those were the days. This is a diary aptly title "Snapshots from IIMB" by Prasar Sharma, one batch my junior at IIMB. Snapshots from IIMB Snapshots from IIMBExcellent, Prasar!!
Pretty interesting. The IIMs have in recent years been focussing more on work experience leading to an increase in the average age of a batch. This is said to have been influenced by US B-schools. However its the reverse happening in US. This article highlights how the US B schools are now trying to get in more freshers and reduce the average age of their batch. Duniya Gol hai, confirmed!!

Monday, April 28

How SARS is just not affecting our daily lives, but every company, sector, industry in the World. This article on Economist.com is one of the best summaries I have seen on the impact of SARS.

Tuesday, April 15

How the SARS rumour about Hong Kong being declared as a quarantine zone was quashed using SMS The HK authorities are not as bad, as made to appear.
And this really surprises me. Nabbing terrorists through an SMS. That's what the CBI plans to do.Link Aaila!! No SMS Fun from now on...

Monday, April 14

A nice article discussing the way to maximize the benefit from oil to the Iraqi people. Link

And yeah the SARS spread is getting more serious..Economist looks at the economic impact. Anyway, i am now getting used to my mask. Main aur mera mask aksar yeh batein karte hain :-)

Thursday, April 10

Wow!! A Billion Dollar in prize money. From Pepsi. But a monkey will decide whether to pay or not!! Link
And more interesting is that the "God of Stocks" Warren Buffett decides to insure Pepsi, in case the monkey decides to pay the Billion Dollars!! The entire thing is not only mind-boggling from the amount of money offered, but also represents the deal-savviness of Americans.

Wednesday, April 9

My first article got published on sulekha.com. Going by the number of hits and the comments, people seem to have really liked it. I am indeed very happy.Chinese Torture Indian Style by Sundeep Bihani on Sulekha