Wednesday, May 28

This website just has good news about India. A concept difficult to digest but that is exactly what it offers...only good news, positive news, news about the unsung heroes of India and news about all those who contribute something to the country. It has some very interesting stories which surprise me...the quite reviolution happening in India.
India news... the good news!

Tuesday, May 27

Top 10 Best Hollywood Movie Lines EverSurvey I am surprised they didnt feature Nicholas Cage in the "The Family Man" saying " I like Kids - on a case-by-case basis."

Sunday, May 25

Diary of a disillusioned banker. It was quite funny, rather amusing reading this. How more the things change the more they remain the same. Looks like my job's not that bad. I liked the way the author ends the article.... Diary
How long are you going to live? It also tells you your real age as against you actual age.Check this out. RealAge

Thursday, May 22

The general time-pass movies are no longer fun. And I had enough of the DDLJ types. And even the Hollywood movies these days have the same ghissti-piti stories. Jajantaram Mamantaram is the movie I will be waiting for, from now. It's adapted from Gulliver Travels. Size does matter

Wednesday, May 21

I liked the comments where the author links American business interests in India with India-Pakistan troubles. Its indeed true that once all these big Fortune 500s start having a significant interest in India, American attitude towards India will change. The BPO juggernaut starts rolling

Quite a nice attempt to quantify the worth of a Housewife. I am sure many women are going to make the $500,000 17 professionals argument. Anybody listening!!

Monday, May 19

This is a fundu article. How to fake work at office. The footnote says it all "A beginner's guide to making it look like you're working when you're not" - one of the very finest i have read in recent weeks. Shirk Ethic Don't miss this one.

Thursday, May 15

The family of every person killed in a train accident is entitled to Rs 4 lakh compensation from the rail ministry, and this has been repeatedly upheld by the SC of India. The ministry still refuses to pay the amount. This is pretty senselss. Ok, We can't run trains on time and cannot ensure passenger safety. Every year-end, India makes it to the world reviews with its train accidents. But atleast have a thought for the sufferers. We have ruined their lives. Atleast now should not make them run around courts. Isn't there anything the SC can do, for violation of its orders?

Tuesday, May 13

It was all a joke, or rather a hoax!! Mr Gates finally decides to leave us atleast in our Loos. The iLoo has now been called a hoax. Link

Also I found the latest offering of Google - Google News India as disappointing. India-based news content is hardly there. And they have put "Lord Ram" in the permanent news section. Wierd !!

And more weird is the concept of Blogshares. I think we are going too far with this blogging craze. What will a high valued blog mean - buyers? Another Rajesh Jain - not after Sify's experience. More, if one is interested in showing his trading skills, we have the stock markets. And if you dont have money, then try any of the mock portfolio games on several financial websites. Blogshares, naaah!!

Monday, May 12

Atleast my Loo was the only place i could read my favorite mag and the daily newspaper. Everywhere else, the television, phone and the computer held sway. But Mr. Gates strikes again, this time on the Loo. What's next? My dreams....dreamMSN or e-dreams.. MSN Crafts Web-Enabled Toilet

Thursday, May 8

When I was just an accountant, they told me, Get a degree in Economics/Finance or a MBA. Now when I got it, they are telling me, accountants are more valuable to us Most lucrative college degrees What do I do? Start marketing myself as an accountant.
IIMB is in the WSJ's Top 100 B-schools list and yeah, the only Asian business school to figure in the list. This is based primarily on recruiters' perception of the students. Guess, which batch placements immediately preceded this survey?... Mine. Neways, let's not talk about them. It's time for some celebration!!

APOD: 2003 May 4 - A Sonic Boom Took me some time to understand...but is interesting

Sunday, May 4

A very interesting website. And this article on the typical Indian Boss is also humorous. Even then, i think he is better than the phoren ones. The Boss